Premium simulation and reporting

The one and only web-based multi-scheme premium simulator in Australia.

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What our clients love about Premium Master

Premium forecasting

Forecast premium notices to assist financial planning.

Verify notice accuracy

Check premium notice calculations to identify over-charges.

Premium performance analysis

Compare historic performance against industry benchmark standards.

Premium allocations

Create allocations to divisions or sites on a 'claim performance' basis.

Premium impact analysis

Analyse the impact of variables on costs (structure, remuneration, claims costs or WICS).

Wage declaration manager

Simplify and audit the collection of wage declaration data.

Claims impact analysis

Assess the impact of an individual claim on current and future premiums.

Scheme comparison

Compare alternative premium models. (eg. Conventional vs. LPR/Burner)

Always up to date

We load the latest industry rates and formulas as soon as they become available.

We tailor pricing depending on what your business needs.